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FishGLOBE chooses Steinsvik

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FishGLOBE chooses SteinsvikPublished: 22.03.2019

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Above: Photo 1: Closed globes in the sea: This is what a location may look like in a couple of years. 4 floating globes may replace 8–12 open cages. Illustration: FishGLOBE. Photo 2: Arne Berge (left) and Pål Herstad



Steinsvik is chosen as the feeding- and integration platform provider for FishGLOBE’s closed cage system. 

In August this year, FishGLOBE will be delivering the first of their closed farming systems to a customer in Norway. The V5 globe, certified to produce 250 tons of post smolt, will be equipped with feeding system, data acquisition- and remote operations capabilities from Steinsvik.

Remote feeding, data acquisition and integration
– We had some fundamental requirements for the suppliers, Arne Berge, founder and major shareholder in FishGLOBE tells us. – FishGLOBE is a closed, floating system, and we have strict requirements regarding uptime and operational security in the solutions we choose. In addition, they need to be be ready for remote operations, they must be easy to integrate with other systems from other vendors, and they must provide easy and seamless access to any data produced. A globe needs to fit into any aquaculture company’s production line. Steinsvik has robust and tested solutions for all of this, Berge says.  

Open software solutions for closed cages

FishGLOBE has the plans ready for the next globe as well. The V6 will be substantially larger than the V5; aiming at producing 2.300 tons of salmon and replacing 2-3 standard, open cages. – FishGLOBE has come a long way in the development of their closed system, and we are proud to be able to contribute with our expertise, says Pål Herstad, Sales Manager Software in Steinsvik.


– We have a market leading feeding system already, and all our software solutions can share and receive data through open interfaces (API). This means that a Steinsvik-system can be connected or integrated with almost anything; in this case with automation using OPC UA protocols. On a barge level we can collect and share relevant data from any source, regardless of vendor, solving one of the aqua industry’s current headaches: How to collect and make use of data produced in a cage or on a barge. FishGLOBE will be implementing a large number of sensors in their globes, and we are able to collect, structure and present all this data to the customer in the form and shape they want, Herstad finishes.


For further information, please contact:

Arne Berge, FishGLOBE, cell +47 926 26 263

Pål Herstad, Steinsvik, cell +47 922 90 400