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Kverva acquires 50 percent of the shares in Steinsvik Group

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Kverva acquires 50 percent of the shares in Steinsvik GroupPublished: 22.12.2016

With the acquisition of the remaining 50 percent of the shares in Steinsvik Group AS, Kverva becomes sole owner. Kverva has held a 50 percent shareholding in the company for the past two years. The shares are sold by Svalen Holding AS, a company controlled by the CEO of Steinsvik Group, Bjørn Apeland. He will remain CEO after the transaction.


“One important strategy for Steinsvik is ensuring we have the right owners – owners we feel sure can support the company going forward and who can invest in and build upon the foundations we have already laid. Kverva ticks all these boxes, and has the capacity to take our company to a world leading position within technology and solutions for the rapidly growing aquaculture industry,” confirms Bjørn M. Apeland in a comment.


Kverva is an industrial investor with in-depth knowledge of the aquaculture industry. Further investments made by Kverva in the development of equipment, technology and solutions for fish farmers will represent a positive contribution for both Steinsvik Group and the fish farming industry as a whole.


“We have high ambitions for Steinsvik Group, and aim to reinforce and further develop the foundations the company has already built. Steinsvik has achieved a position as a leading technological enterprise for the aquaculture industry, and we are confident that the company and its employees will be instrumental in technological developments for the industry. Steinsvik has the capacity to provide improved support, allowing fish farmers to achieve even more efficient production of salmon and other species of fish in the future,” confirms Helge Moen, CEO of Kverva.