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Software is the key for the aquaculture industry of tomorrow

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Software is the key for the aquaculture industry of tomorrowPublished: 28.09.2018

For a number of years, Steinsvik has been one of the leading software vendors for the international aquaculture market, so far this year, Steinsvik’s management and reporting software package; Mercatus has experienced significant growth.



Knowledge is the key

“So far this year, Steinsvik has secured agreements with a number of farmers. Especially pleased were we to get Nordlaks as a customer”, says Steinar Haveland Midtbø the head of Mercatus in Steinsvik. “Knowledge is the key to profitable aquaculture” continues Steinar “and the farmers have a strong focus on exploiting their data. We in Steinsvik are in the unique position that in our systems we let farmers collect detailed information about feeding, environmental data, treatment history, fish behavior and all other events in the lifecycle of the fish. Data from roe to slaughter, both on history and budgeting, are collected and analyzed in Mercatus Farmer.


Version 6 is coming soon

Our customers' requirements for accessibility, ease of use and ownership of data are changing greatly. We have been working for the next version of Mercatus Farmer for a long time. Version 6, to be released in the near future, will be platform-independent and can be used on any device such as PC, tablet and mobile. The user experience has been in focus during the development and we look forward to moving customers into the solution. We are confident that the focus on development and improvement will help us get even more users in the future.


Ease of use and knowledge crucial for Nordlaks

Tommy Hansen in Nordlaks boasts of the ease of use of the system and the competence of the employees in Steinsvik, he notes this as the reason they choose Steinsvik:

"For a long time, we have used our own in-house developed control and reporting system, but over time it became challenging to extract the reports and KPIs we wanted in a straightforward way.

We took our time assessing the various options in the market and gathered experience from several alternatives. After a careful review we choose down Mercatus. The reason was the ease of use of the system and the competence of the employees in Steinsvik.

The user friendliness has made the transition easy for us, and it is now much easier for new users to extract the data and reports we need. "


Steinsvik is heavily focusing on software development

"We are very pleased that more and more users choose Mercatus, confirming that our solutions are market leading," says Jørn Torsvik, who is the new Head of Software in Steinsvik'. "The aquaculture industry is only at the beginning of a digitalization era with an enormous value creation potential. This is why Steinsvik has more than 50 system developers who work exclusively with software for this industry, "continues Torsvik, who has now chosen fish farming after leading the digital journey in one of Norway's foremost banks.


For further information contact:

Steinar Midtbø, Leder Mercatus, phone +47 913 49 022

Jørn Torsvik, Head of Software, phone +47 900 25 686