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Steinsvik releases Next Generation FeedStation

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Steinsvik releases Next Generation FeedStationPublished: 01.03.2017

Steinsvik is releasing the next generation of their central feeding system FeedStation.


These days, Steinsvik is releasing a new generation of their central feeding system FeedStation. 2 years after the acquisition of Ocea, the next generation is ready for the market. Project Manager Feeding Systems, Frode Nekkøy tells us about an exciting development phase. “We started with a clean sheet and have built the system from scratch, with modern technology, perfectly suited to the future of fish farming. The system can be operated from multiple locations and devices simultaneously, and opening up for of mobile devices have been central in the development process. Ease of use for the farmer are miles beyond anything on the market today, and the way the system is developed allows for rapid changes and upgrades, which I am sure our customers will appreciate”.


Merging GMT Feeder and FeedStation
The development have been simultaneous with the merger between Steinsvik and Ocea. The best ideas and concepts from each of the leading feeding systems is incorporated in the next generation FeedStation. Both user groups will recognize their preferred feeding method from previous systems.

Accessibility with mobile devices
The new FeedStation is platform independent. This means that it can be accessed and run on any computer, smartphone or tablet. The user can feed from a computer in a remote control room, from a tablet in a boat travelling to the site or from their phone while on the cage. Multiple task can also be done at the same time. Updating the feed inventory, lice registration and adjusting feeding at the same time? Not a problem, all authorized users will update the database and share information across geographical location and between devices instantaneously.


Native support for remote operations
Remote operation functionality is built into the solution. By this Steinsvik is removing the need for third party products like teamviewer. The system is designed to allow for operation of multiple sites. Access is controlled by setting the correct user level. Feeding on more than one site is only few clicks away, and alerts with critical information from separate sites appear clearly visible even if the farmers is focusing on another site at the moment.


Live trials with users

The system has already been live on site for months to gain important feedback from end users and make final adjustments to the system. The trials have been done together with Lerøy Vest on the site Gulholmen. The system was installed in October 2016 and have been running since. Gulholmen was perfect for testing the system Frode Nekkøy tells us. “The farmers there had experience from different feeding systems, they are feeding off site and have high demands for their systems. The feedback we have gotten along the way have been important and it have been an absolute delight to see how quickly the familiarized themselves with the new system.


Farmer Ole Martin Fauske and site manager Erik Johnsen in Lerøy Vest is satisfied with the process. “We have been feeding daily with the new FeedStation since the day it was installed and are very satisfied with the ease of use and the stability of the new system. Some of us was used to other feeding systems and initially there were some skepticism at the thought of having to learn a new system, but FeedStation have proved to be just what we need both on the barge and from the remote control room.


The next generation FeedStation is just the first step

We will be launching new functionality and continuously improving on the system Frode Nekkøy tells us. “Our goal is to be the preferred supplier of central feeding system to the aquaculture industry both sea and land based. We have to adapt and evolve especially now that a younger generation is moving in to the industry. We are already noticing higher demands for our software from a generation used to smartphones and tablets working for them.


This next generation FeedStation is the first step towards the aquaculture of the future. If the customer wants, we can already monitor component statuses from our support center and suggest actions before an issue occur. Artificial intelligence and system learning are rising technologies and we in Steinsvik will utilize them to optimize the aquaculture industry of tomorrow. FeedStation is an important step towards the future.” 



For more information please contact:
Frode Nekkøy, Project Manager Feeding Systems, tlf +47 957 34 364
Tor Henrik Haavik, Sales Director, tlf +47 997 17 533