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The first barge in the Nova series

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The first barge in the Nova seriesPublished: 19.02.2016

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Steinsvik recently made delivery of the first Nova barge to Lingalaks in Hardanger. The Nova concept has been developed in cooperation with Eker Sandvik, specialists in maritime industrial design. The christening is scheduled to 20 February 2016 and the barge is now at the Saltkjelen facility.


The Nova concept is all about flexibility, where standardised, module-based solutions cover a wide range of requirements. At the same time however, a number of benefits are provided by thoroughly prepared and well-documented solutions.


The barge has a modern ship design furnishing, 600 tonnes of storage capacity and is delivered with eight feeding lines and capacity for a total of 12 lines.


“We are extremely proud of this new barge”, confirms Ronny Askeland, Project Manager at Steinsvik.


“We started on the design of the Nova series with a clean slate, but made full use of all the lessons we have learned from former barges we have delivered. The barge is designed around the central feeding system – and not the other way around. The main function of the barge is to safely store and transport fish feed, without damaging the feed, and this aspect has been at the very core of our design work. We have also focused on providing a good working environment for the people who will be using the barge”, confirm Project Managers Truls Opsøen and Svein Ove Alvestad, who have both been involved in the project since start-up.




“We have enjoyed an excellent cooperation with Lingalaks”, they go on to explain. “They are a forward-looking company, not afraid to take risks and be innovative. This is made evident in their investments in innovation, both with the new barge and other projects we have worked on together”.


Tore Haukås from Lingalaks is delighted to have the Nova barge on site. “We have taken a lot of inspiration from our collaboration with Steinsvik, and are delighted with the efforts of the project team throughout the project and the end result. At Lingalaks, our aim is to contribute towards the development of the fish farming industry, and we are working together with Steinsvik on a number of exciting projects, including water transport of feed from the barge to the cage”.



Facts about the Nova barge

Working environment

Well-lit and modern control room.

Fully balanced ventilation system.

FlexiBridge, ergonomic control desk with height adjustment.

Stairway leading to wardrobe/workshop, WC and stairs down to engine room.

Central feeding system

The barge is designed for efficient feeding, gentle handling of feed and simple maintenance.

One open room for all feed silos and feed lines.

Refrigeration units that can be inspected, cleaned and, if necessary, replaced without the need for divers.

Straight, short feed pipes with only two bends to lift the feed to the deck in order to minimise breakage.

“Easy” sluices to simplify cleaning.

Blower room with noise reduction.

Feed silos painted inside with level indicators and using paint approved by food safety authorities.

Painted concrete floor and recesses under feed silo cones to simplify cleaning.

Feed silos

Large feed silo hatches with all hatches positioned on one deck.

Remote controlled feed silo hatches, on rails to prevent damage by wind.


Ballast system in front.

Complete silage system with total capacity of 80 m3.

Made ready for fibre technology and wireless digital camera system.

Bend limiter with through fittings for shore power, cage lights / fibre cable, pressurised air etc.

Purification system for waste water.