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Nova Concrete

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Nova Concrete can be supplied in a choice of two basic hulls with concrete or aluminium silos and a superstructure offering flexible interior solutions. As a starting point, the entire structure on the main deck is made of concrete for increased strength, and the wide deck makes it possible to retract the distributing valves on to the deck for protection. Up to two timber storeys can be added on top of this, for use as living and office accommodation.  

The barge is delivered with wide stairs – all the way from the living accommodation down to the lower deck. It has steel doors to the open air and solid internal doors. Cooling ports can be supplied for the storeroom. The lower deck (deck 0) contains a large storage area and there is scope for a fitness room. There is also a large storeroom and network cabinet in the bow, as well as space for diesel and water tanks and a sewage treatment solution. The central section comprises 6 or 8 silos, depending on hull size, with a shore connection transformer, technical room with main switchboards and cabinet for control of feeding system in the stern. There is also a blower room, generator room and space for ensilage tanks in the stern. All noisy components are therefore positioned as far as possible from the living quarters.


The main deck (deck 1) has a vet’s room, workshop and drying room in the stern, while there is usually a changing room, storeroom/workshop, WC/bathroom and laundry room in the bow. On deck 2 it would be normal to have a WC/bathroom, one or two cabins, a kitchen, lounge, office, control room and perhaps a conference room. Deck 3 is a natural place to locate cabins with WC/bathroom.

It is important to emphasise that there is significant scope for modifications on decks 1, 2 and 3 based on the customer’s wishes and requirements. Decks 0 and 1 are included on all barges, while decks 2 and 3 are optional.


These products combine to make Nova Concrete the best, most innovative and flexible platform on the market for modern and efficient aquaculture. At the same time, it represents a product positioned for future development, where Steinsvik has the ambition and resources to be in the driving seat in the years ahead.

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