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Black Orbit 3600 underwater camera seen from below inside a fish farm cage



Orbit underwater cameras

› Why choose a camera from Steinsvik?


With our Orbit underwater camera series, you get images with sensor information from all over the cage since our cameras can be moved both horizontally and vertically with our winch systems.


The cameras can rotate 360 degrees in all directions. The underwater series has different sensors integrated. Our new digital camera, Orbit 3600 has temperature, depth, compass, oxygen and gyroscope. With high light sensitivity, 360-degree endless horizontal movement, 210-degree vertical movement and integrated sensors, the Orbit 3600 gives you not only a view of everything needed within your cage but also the oxygen level of where the camera is positioned.


The cameras are mainly used for feed control and oxygen measuring, but also for inspection of dead fish and other areas in need of inspection. The whole series is made of very robust and corrosion free material and will last for many years if serviced right.


If fewer sensors are desirable we sell the Orbit 3300 with temperature, depth and compass readings. We also offer this camera without any sensors (Orbit 3100) for those who wish to utilize only the crystal-clear images that these cameras produce.


Four different black underwater cameras


Technical specifications

Our experience with production of the aqueous solutions has given us a good knowledge of materials and technical solutions for the demanding environments our equipment is operated in. With our solutions you get images with the sensor information from all over the cage since our underwater camera can be moved both horizontally and vertically with our winch systems. The camera can rotate 360 degrees in all directions and together with the surface camera with a zoom lens this will provide a very good picture of the activity both above and below the surface.

The sensor data and video are sent from the cages to the barge or a land-base through a wireless transmitter or via a fiber cable with power. Both system offers unique flexibility and the fiber based system will provide redundancy to ensure stabile imagery.
The operator of the system can be able to see up to 9 images per screen depending on setup and camera types. Each image can be viewed in full screen if desired.


  Orbit 3100 Orbit 3300 Orbit 3500 Orbit 3400 Orbit 3600
Video signal PAL PAL PAL Digital Digital
Resolution 720x576i50 720x576i50 720x576i50 HD 1200p HD 1200p
Sensor type Color or B/W Color or B/W Color or B/W Color Color
Light sensitivity 0,003 lux 0,003 lux 0,003 lux 0,0003 lux 0,0003 lux
Weight 6,5 kg 6,5 kg 6,5 kg 6,7 kg 6,7 kg
IP degree encaptulation IP69, down to 100 m IP69, down to 100 m IP69, down to 100 m IP69, down to 100 m IP69, down to 100 m
Power 24 VDC 24 VDC 24 VDC 24 VDC 24 VDC
Sensors Temperature, depth, compass Temperature, depth, compass and oxygen Temperature, depth, compass and 9 axis gyroscope Temperature, depth, compass, oxygen and 9 axis gyroscope
Angle of view 77° in water 77° in water 77° in water 80° in water 80° in water
Pan/tilt Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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