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Underwater lights

Our underwater lights are lightweight, reliable and economical to use. Our first lights were developed in 1995, and since then we have delivered around 15 000 lights nationally and internationally. The lights are available in two different formats: Metal halide LED.


The use of lights and artificial photoperiod helps create an ideal aquatic environment for a variety of fish species. It is a widely adopted practice in the aquaculture industry, and a key element for suppressing sexual maturity, and increase appetite and growth.


Our LED lights are being used in a livestream from our camera showing the artificial reef in Smedasundet in Haugesund, Norway.




Orbit LED light

LED lights are replacing the traditional metal halide lamps as they offer a range of benefits, including lower energy consumption, higher efficiency, the ability to dim and adjust the color of the light, and longer service life, thus less need for maintenance.


Its design is designed in a robust construction and is resistant to harsh sea conditions. An optimal level of automation provides an effective control of parameters for use, also allowing the individual control of intensity regulation of the lights. The automated control system allows the creation of several programming figures, such as creating a light regime in the software, and everything is controllable from the feeding barge.




The new Orbit LED offers all the benefits of the LED, and several unique features:

  • Optimal spectral composition
  • Optimal and unique light dispersion downwards where the fish are located; No light is wasted to the atmosphere.
  • A robust construction to withstand the harsh sea conditions
  • Dimming
  • Easy to install
  • Dedicated user-friendly control software
  • Customizable light color upon request




Above: User-configurated control option in the software.


The software offers both automatic, manual and user-programmable control options. The automatic mode uses a light sensor placed on the cage that adjusts the light based on the amount of daylight on the site. The manual mode works like a light switch, while the user-programmable option lets the farmer create his/her desired light schedules to support the fish on the site in a customized and optimal way, or for different schenarios. The lights communicate wirelessly between the cages and the barge or on-shore office.




Technical specifications

Orbit LED
Application Sea cages
Land-based tanks
Power 510 W
Voltage 100 to 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Luminous flux 41 000 lm
Color White
Dispersion angle
180° facing down 
Minimum life expectancy of LED
33 000 hours
Maximum active light period
Dimmable Manual/Auto dim
Depth rating
40 m, working depth 5–10 m
Cable length
Nominal 50 m
Wireless communication to cage
Sea cage: Wireless
Land-based: Cable
Control software
User configurated light schedule
Manual mode
Auto-mode using lux sensor on every cage
Compatible w/ Steinsvik Vision software
Compact design
 380 mm
300 mm
14,5 kg (in air)
Material POM, aluminum, glass
Control cabinet dimensions (WxHxD)
300 x 300 x 200 mm
Number of lights per cabinet






TwinLight 800

TwinLight 800 is equipped with two metal halide bulbs (2x 400W), which radiate a powerful source of “daylight” color that disperse optimally because of the exclusive TwinLight design. The power switch (ignitor) is built into the two metal halide bulbs.This means that you can connect the light directly to 1 phase 230V power, without a starting cabinet. The light bulbs has a life expectancy of approx. 12  000 hours, where the light still has 70% of its original intensity after approx. 9000 hours.





  • Low weight / easy to handle
  • Reliable
  • Cost efficient



Technical specifications

TwinLight 800
Life expectancy
12 000 hours
Light bulbs
400 W metal halide – 3200 lm
Starting current
6,4 A
Nominal consumption
3,8 A
Color temperature
6 500 K
Cable PUR x 50 m
Glass Borosilicate e=5mm
Voltage 230 VAC / 50 Hz
Weight 13 kg (excl. cable)



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