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Steinsvik has been supplying central feeding systems to the aquaculture industry for the last 25 years, with almost 1000 systems in both land- and sea-based sites making us the market leader. Our experience and day-to-day contact with fish farmers around the world mean we are now able to offer the most advanced, well-thought-out and user-friendly central feeding system ever produced – the fish-feeding system of the future. Introducing: FeedStation!


At Steinsvik, we believe feeding is the most important job in fish farming. The most important job demands the best tools, and FeedStation is the natural successor to our earlier systems. Are 126, GMT Feeder, Multifeeder and our other earlier systems are still in use around the world. They played an important part in professionalising the aquaculture industry and were a step ahead of what was expected of them. Now Steinsvik is once again taking things to the next level. Why make do with simple solutions based on yesterday’s technology? Choose the best: choose FeedStation.




  • User-friendly: Emphasis on user interface and clear design
  • Multi-user functionality: The system can be used by several users at the same time
  • Integrated and complete: FeedStation blurs the boundaries between feeding, camera, sensor and inventory systems
  • Online: The solution offers built-in remote control plus the option of remote support
  • Mobility and responsive design: The same software on all units
  • Proactive: FeedStation notifies you when something needs doing, providing a full overview of component status
  • Next-generation PLC solution: SoftPLC, “Smart” components and one system for all products
  • Service and support: Option of extended user support and easier-to-access service





Fish farm technician in the driving seat

FeedStation provides a user-friendly interface with a modern and uncluttered design, enabling the technician to carry out all operations from a PC, phone or tablet. The program will automatically scale to the selected device, making it easy to make all the necessary selections with good overview. Multiple users can be logged in at the same time, and the weekly lice count can be carried out without disturbing the person doing the feeding. What’s more, we’re blurring the boundaries between camera, feeding, sensor and inventory systems, with essential information never more than a keystroke away.




Advanced system yet easy to use

To make our central feeding system easy to use, we’ve had to be advanced in our thinking. Simple and uncluttered surfaces, clear use cases, intuitive functionality, stability and uptime don’t just happen by chance. We’ve redesigned everything from the ground up so that the system is easy to use for what it’s intended: optimal fish feeding.



To achieve the best results, you often have to seize the opportunities that present themselves. If you are aware of potential challenges too, then you are well positioned for success. FeedStation can help you with this. Automatic notifications from all the system components and a full overview of the fish’s environment provide a unique insight, enabling the fish farm technician to make the right choices to optimise fish performance day after day and generation after generation.


Readily available support

FeedStation tells the user when service or inspection is required – not just for the system as a whole but at component level. Is there too little oil, or is the silo level low, the temperature raised or the pressure too low? FeedStation will notify the user when inspection is needed, irrespective of whether the system is in active use or if you’re currently feeding at a neighbouring location. This makes it easy to optimise uptime and easy for the fish farm technician to stay a step ahead of any problems. If inspection by one of Steinsvik’s experienced service technicians is required, the fish farm technician can easily share the necessary information with the service team.




Remote operation

FeedStation eliminates the need for third-party solutions. The system is designed to be operated remotely and to cover multiple locations. The available feeding systems are controlled at user level such that multiple locations can be managed with simple keystrokes. The user will never miss critical information, as FeedStation provides notifications for all feeding systems, irrespective of which one the user is focusing on at the time.



FeedStation is platform-independent. This means that feeding can be carried out from a PC in a remote operations room, from a phone while in a boat heading out to the site or from a tablet while standing on the ring. Multiple operations can be carried out simultaneously. How about registering feed deliveries, counting lice and feeding the fish at the same time? No problem! All connected units will update the same database and make the information instantaneously available across locations and units.





User-friendly, efficient and complete

Supporting the aquaculture industry of tomorrow


The future is now

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