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Camera based feeding and environmental monitoring

Steinsvik Vision: a new software platform for camera based feeding and environmental monitoring.


Modern and configurable user interface

Smooth and stylish appearance with flexibility for several different camera view layouts and personal user adjustments. Steinsvik Vision is fast and responsive, with focus on the operator.


Designed to work with high resolution screens and cameras

Steinsviks new software support high resolution monitors, even the latest Ultra-HD., 4K and 5K screens for superb image quality. Cameras with Full-HD or 4K resolution can also be used with the software to preserve the finest details. New postprocessing image algorithms are used to improve image quality compared to previous software, this also applies for older cameras. Camera recording capability with storage for up to 7 days.


Prepared for remote operations

Cloud-based configuration storage. Cameras added on one system will automatically be available to all computers in the same network. Possible to run two screens on one computer – even two screens with different resolutions. Flexible camera selection, choose any camera without changing configuration. Possible to pre-define groups and views with cameras mixed from different sites. Gamepad or TrackBall will give the operator full control over the entire system, not limited by the quantity of monitors.

Seamless integration – camera and feeding

Steinsvik Vision and Next Generation FeedStation work together. In the camera view the operator has full control. Feeding process status will show in each of the camera views. Direct adjustment of the most relevant feeding parameters and cage lights. User defined alarms from NG FeedStation also shows.


Pellet detection

Detection, counting and highlighting of pellets in the  camera view. Graphical representation of data. The user can define alarms and automatic actions of feeding parameters.


Automatic lice detection

Detects and counts sea lice with automatic reports.


Environment logging and cloud based storage

Any sensor data can be collected and represented as live data and graphs. All data can be stored in a database for later viewing and report creation. With Steinsvik Cloud, the database can be stored in the cloud for viewing and reports via the Internet.


Better support and service functionality

Interactive help – connect with Steinsvik support directly from the software. Failure scenarios can be automatically sent to Steinsvik support for immediate and efficient support handling.

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